Tale About Data is no longer an agency, nor a consultancy. While we are still happy to consult, we have now decided to focus all of our energy and experience on one thing and solve a major problem that many startups and online SMEs experience: setting data infrastructure, collecting and owning data in a way that is compliant with e-privacy regulations. For a long time, we understood that we couldn’t sell marketing automation solutions or any other services using data if there wasn’t already a solid data infrastructure service in place.


It all started four years ago when founded Tale About Data. I had realized that companies wanted to find out how to automate their marketing activities and make them more efficient, so much so that consultation services on this issue were in high demand. Yet as the years passed, I realized something else: the reality was that each time we tried to launch marketing automation software on the client side, we found ourselves having to tackle several other issues. Firstly, we would need to ensure the client was collecting the right data, and secondly, the client would need to guarantee their user’s privacy in compliance with the law. The biggest challenge of all, however, was getting our customers to trust their data and trust our solution.


By the end of 2019, we had decided to stop taking on new clients and focus all of our efforts and budget on solving the one problem everyone had: not having a proper data infrastructure in place. Many of our clients were unable to consume their data easily; they used Excel intensively and the data was of poor quality. They simply couldn’t trust their data.

Tale About Data becomes a data infrastrcutre service

Our path as a company to data infrastructure service


From that point on, we focussed our efforts on ensuring our clients had the data they needed and we wanted our methods to be as efficient and effective as possible. Armed with plenty of experience and knowledge of our clients’ challenges, we took the use cases and found a way to standardize the data, helping startups learn to walk before they tried to run. As a business, we wanted to invest and become experts in providing this service.

What we wish to focus on?

With all that being said, we can offer support in these four main areas of your data infrastructure.

  • Own your data – Store all your data in one place, somewhere you have ownership of, where data cannot be lost. This means you can always go back and use the data whenever you need to in a cheap and reliable way. Another benefit is that your costs won’t explode and there will be no need to optimize your data warehouse every few months. Collect your users’ data, including how they interact with your product with a first-party tracker, decide who you share your data with and who can access your user’s data. Collect your data from third parties and store it on your server. 
  • Stay in compliance with e-privacy laws – Our storage is GDPR and CCPA compliant. This means two things: one, that we consider users’ expectations and two, that we take the law seriously. As a result, we have been able to create a structure that will allow you to store data in a secure and compliant way. With communication between you and your user cleared and access to the right documentation, the authorities will be able to review you fast. 
  • Save money – There is no need to spend thousands of dollars or euros per month on your data. We understand that hiring large teams to maintain huge data infrastructures doesn’t make sense, and that’s why our service is scalable. We allow you to focus your resources on what is important for your business’ growth while we maintain the bases of your data. 
  • Find your data strategy – How do you make decisions? How can you simplify these decisions and ensure you are always on top of your game? We have created a data strategy workshop that shows you what data you have, helps you define one true data source and really get to grips with how data is used to drive decisions. If this data is important to your business, we show you how to ensure it’s always available when you need it.

Ready to join our new adventure?

If you are looking for a service that leverages AWS to drive growth using data, search no more. In just a few weeks, TAD Ops can give you access to all of this and more. We also try to automate and visualize the process as much as possible so you can start using our service sooner rather than later.

Tale About Data is no longer an agency, but a product and service provider that will help you leverage your data for growth. We can help you set up a scalable infrastructure and offer full support to help you tackle any changes that will come along the way. It’s time for you to worry about growing your business – let us work on maintaining your data infrastructure.

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