Marketing campaigns and the time to change it

I  have come to learn a very valuable lesson about the most important team in the marketing department. There is a certain team which we all tend to ignore. This team usually contains 1-6 members. The team members are a bit of “strange” to us; they are not performance driven but more artistic. They not directly responsible for any advertising budget. If until now you are still in the darkness, I’m talking about the creative creation team, or as known by others the graphics team. You, like most of do, ignores the best players at the back of your performance driven department.

Why should you ignore this team no more? As an analyst in the performance marketing department, our main focus goes to the channel manager’s, the social team, affiliates and the “googles”… However, we tend to lose focus on the real players that can create change while just sitting back on the screen and that is the graphic team.

Although businesses produce and supply goods and services where sometimes production is incorporated with thousands of creativity , they work very little with data. In most cases, they get positive feedback about creativity X  they released, without the awareness to explain what makes it so unique.

I see the analysis team as the Stage wingers, running at the back of the stage supplying the players with the ball to make the game, “ WOW!” And this is exactly why we decided to see how we can help the creative team to make the WOW. I still remember an old conversation with a graphic designer telling me, “I hate numbers this is why I choose to become a graphic designer”. This was his response after seeing how simple set of KPIs improved his designs enabling him to additionally drive more positive feedback.

How often do you sit down with your graphic design team trying to analyze and fathom the different key elements that makes the tick in the designs? If you haven’t done it yet, now is the time. It all requires a collaboration from all sides; from the graphic designers, channel managers and manipulation of the BI tool to support the big data analysis.The effort is worth it considering the benefits you will achieve. After a couple of months, the data will bear commendable results changing the entire performance of the team.You will get to see  KPIs driving much better traffic with you having to incur minimum costs maximizing your profits which is the aim of any rational business.

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