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Is your app data hidden in silos? Are you spending hours finding the right information? Now you can now access the insight you need to make better strategic decisions. We’re talking all the data from all your channels – attribution providers, ad partners, APIs, and internal tools. Get it gathered, crunched, and turned into interactive visualisations. Ready for you to understand customers, measure performance, and inspire investors.

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Gain competitive advantage through data! Here’s how we can help…

Simple to use

No expensive data engineering needed – Lake Side uncovers insights for you while you sleep.

No-hassle setup

Lake Side can be set up for your organisation in AWS or Google Cloud – no need to wait months to get your database live.

Own your data

Your data stays e-privacy compliant, stored on your server, with you in control and safely pushing to partners.

Standards for e-privacy, compliance, GDPR

Lake Side gives you documentation you need to explain how you process user data. This comes verified and checked from our lawyer – a GDPR and e-privacy specialist. Simply add to your terms and conditions or privacy policy, and you’re ready to go.

Some Common Data Challenges


Spreadsheets….they certainly have their uses, including report creation and pivot tables, calculation, sorting large amounts of data and so much more. But using spreadsheets to prepare and sort your data can be hugely time-consuming and that means time wasted. A good data-visualization tool can save you lots of time (and stress!).

Data and infrastructure

Mistrust of marketing automation

Many people we’ve spoken to have complained that they tried to apply automation but failed due to low trust in the automation process. The main reason behind this is the mis-consumption of automation and especially marketing automation. Marketing automation should be done in small steps, gaining buy-in at the appropriate level.

Data visualization


Data now comes to us from a dizzying array of sources, with trackers applying internal calculations, partners providing aggregated data and so many more. The result? A lot of questions about data integrity! Getting the right data shouldn’t be a hassle – it should help drive business decisions and improve ROI.

These issues are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the challenges faced by startups and other growing companies in obtaining actionable data. Other challenges include data being used incorrectly, lack of data automation, unclear data infrastructure, use of the wrong KPIs and lack of a data warehouse.

Does this sound like you? We can help!

You sell your products via e-commerce, subscriptions, or in-app purchasing

You still use spreadsheets as your main data-reporting tool

Your data is currently hosted by external companies

You have difficulty obtaining actionable marketing data due to unstable infrastructure

You're still looking for the perfect marketing campaign-automation technique

You produce tons of creatives but don’t have an easy way to test them

You struggle deciding where to allocate your marketing budget

You still find it difficult to build custom audiences and target them


All of your data calls happen on your local server, with communication to our server encrypted. Everyone at Tale About Data signs a strict NDA and goes through strict confidentiality training. We have invested significant resources in GDPR compliance and we also comply with the Privacy Shield framework.

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